6 Farmhouse Bathroom Designs We've Got Our Eye On

6 Farmhouse Bathroom Designs We've Got Our Eye On

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I may not have known anything about farmhouse style until I started watching Joanna Gaines on Fixer Upper a few months ago, but just because I'm new to the trend doesn't mean I'm not a fan. Even though I don't know if I can picture myself having a whole shabby-chic place one day, I could get on board with at least dipping my toe in the trend with a farmhouse-style bathroom. The thing is that I know I'm not the only one inspired by relaxed country dГ©cor.

So what exactly is farmhouse dГ©cor? It often involves a lot of shiplap, subway tiles, barn wood, and antique details. At the end of the day, it's rustic and homey,В and there are plenty of ways to achieve the look in both the city and the country.В Below, we've found some of the most eye-catching farmhouse bathrooms that will inspire you to revamp your powder room. From shiplap detail to a myriad of textures, learn how to make the trend work for you.

Mame an Antique the Focal Point

Nicole Franzen

Hang a roughed-up mirror above the sink-be sure to keep it in the same colorway as the tile and cabinetry. Slight chips on the glass give it a sense of charm, but try to avoid choosing a piece with any visible scratches. Oh, and don't forget to hang some open-bulb lighting on either side of the sink to give a subtle glow.

Let it All Be in the Details


A wrought-iron chandelier and a wicker basket hanging from a brass chain are two of the elements in this room that make this style work. Finish with a real tree stump that doubles as a mini table next to the tub.

Have a Metallic Moment


Weathered silver pieces from wall panels to a stool to tiny fixtures are reminiscent of tools turned rusty from the elements. The trick is not to make anything too new in the room-opt for walls with an imperfect grain. We also like that there are a few splashes of black to offset all the steel.

Play with Patina

Simon Watson /Trunk Archive

A distressed finish on everything from wallpaper to bathtub enamel to even the wooden floor instantly make you feel as though you stepped back in time. The finishing touch? A turquoise chandelier.

Build a Shiplap Arch


Finding shiplap under walls is likeВ striking gold. This paneling looks pretty painted white, and the high arch helps distinguish the bathing area from the rest of the room. PS: Did anyone else notice the faucet looks like it's floating above the tub? So chic.

Add Drama with Wooden Panels

Simon Watson /Trunk Archive

You don't need much else when you install an eye-catching wood-panel ceiling. Opting for a medium brown finish keeps it luxe. Add a spotlight above the tub with a simple pendant lamp hung from the highest peak.

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