How to Keep Your Bedroom Spring-Fresh in the Winter

How to Keep Your Bedroom Spring-Fresh in the Winter

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Colleen Eversman

Winter is the season when all we want to do is hibernate under our duvets and binge-watch our favorite TV shows (Westworld, anyone?). But spending whole weekends in bed can destroy our will to maintain personal relationships or even just a kempt bedroom.

This is a weekly challenge Kate Arends knows all too well. Arends, the brains behind Wit & Delight, a lifestyle blog and design consulting agency, lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where winter temperatures stay below 30 degrees during the day and approach a chilling zero at night. During such freezing temps, Arends says her “bedroom is a destination.” Her favorite things to do: “Have breakfast in bed. Relax after a long day with a glass of wine. Listen to records. Take your time getting ready for a date.” See a pattern here?

So to make sure her bedroom is a spring-fresh oasis for all her staying-in activities, she diligently sanitizes and cares for her bed linens, relying on cleaning must-haves like her at-home clothing management system, the LG Styler.

Keep scrolling for the blogger's top tips on transforming your bedroom into a spring-fresh haven all throughout winter.

Change Up Your Light Fixtures

Arends makes a point of seasonally changing up the lighting in her bedroom. “I use a bright bulb overhead for getting dressed to provide additional lighting in winter when it's dark most of the day,” she explains. “Then we have lamps on either side of the bed for just enough light at night to get work done without keeping each other up.”

Invest in Nice Sheets-and Maintain Them

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As Arends points out, you spend over a third of your life in bed, so you might as well invest in quality materials. “I'm talking pillows, mattresses, duvets, pajamas,” she says. “And to keep everything fresh, I love the TrueSteam™ function on the LG Styler; the hot steam quickly refreshes bedding and helps remove any wrinkles or odors.” Best of all, the LG Styler means the blogger can hold off on a trip to the dry cleaner-with a newborn in the house, running basic errands becomes a feat-especially this time of year. “If I need a piece cleaned, I'm able to do so on my schedule, which sometimes means 3 a.m.,” she says.

Bring the Outside In

There's one thing the Arends says people overlook when it comes to keeping their bedrooms fresh: “Greenery and plants bring the outside in,” she explains. “Not only do they add a pop of color, but certain plants can act as 'air purifiers' to clean the air.” Currently, we're loving fig trees placed in sea-grass baskets as an alternative to planters.