Unique Bathroom Sink Ideas That Are So Fresh and Clean

Unique Bathroom Sink Ideas That Are So Fresh and Clean

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Never underestimate the transformative power of unique bathroom sinks. While we strongly believeВ interesting tiles, unexpected hardware, and chic vanities will elevate any bathroom, there's nothing quite like the wow factor a trendy washbasin brings. That said, installing a new sink can require some serious (and costly) renovations. And don't even get us started on the work that goes into installingВ new plumbing. But switching out your sink is a much cheaper option than a total overhaul, and it really turns up the style dial.В

Unique bathroom sinks really anchor the entire room, too. Opting for little fixes and low-maintenance upgrades can make a bathroom appear hip yet timeless (which means you can put off any large-scale renovations). So if you're looking to give your washroom a modern overhaul, scroll through our roundup of statementВ sinks that will give your bathroom the royal flush.В

Monochromatic Marble


Nothing is sleeker than floor-to-ceiling marble. This roomВ feels clean and pristine, as any bathroom should. If you love the minimalist style andВ luxeВ materials, then you won't have to worry about accessorizing. The fundamental bathroom necessitiesВ make enough of a statement on their own. WithВ built-in concaveВ shelving as well as hidden storage, theВ floating sink canВ take center stage for aВ much-deserved solo. We'dВ give theseВ tilesВ a standing ovation.

Ronbow Rectangle Carrara Marble Vessel $591Shop

Chic Blackout

Douglas Friedman/Trunk Archive

These side-by-side vessel sinks are twice the fun (pardon the pun). But in all seriousness, this bathroom sets the scene for a cosmopolitan atmosphere. With the elegantВ double vanities, matching black towel bars, and fancy gold details, thisВ would be an impressiveВ guest bathroom.

Maestro Bath Nek Rectangular Vessel Sink $1495Shop

Organic curves and matte finishes. Enough said.В

Luxe Living

Jason Schmidt/Trunk Archive

This takeВ on an all-marble bathroomВ is rich with warmth and unique texture. For a similar effect, pay close attention to the details when picking out fixtures and faucets for your sink. For example, we notice the faucet handles are black and the spout is polished chrome, which matches the chrome vanity legs and attached shelves. This isn't necessarily a combination you'd expectВ with the warm shade of marble.

The takeaway? Play with unexpected combinations to get a beautiful and unique outcome.В

Kingston Brass Vanity & Sink With Pedestal $1280Shop

This vanity will send you on your way to an elegant bathroom.В

Simply Nautical

Tessa Neustadt for Emily Henderson

This bathroom includes just the right touch of nautical style without overdoing it. Perhaps it's the blue-and-white color scheme that makes us want to go sailing. Whatever it is, we're into it. Just check out those brass details and worn wooden cabinet. The white porcelain sink with round edges adds aВ contemporary touch as well.В

IKEA Törnviken Countertop Sink $100Shop

This round countertop sink will flatter a variety of styles. A must-have, indeed.В

Upscale Arthouse

Studio McGee

Now here's a wall-mounted sink we can get behind. This kid-friendly bathroom is insanely chic with a grown-up twist. We love the step ladder and double faucet, but what really blows us away is the oversize round mirror hung againstВ crisp white walls. Flawless.

Kohler Brockway Wall-Mount Wash Sink $1197Shop

The casual wall-mount sink reminds us of those in art studios and farmhouse style classrooms.

Attainable Edge

Studio McGee

Floating concrete is the coolest kid on the block. If you want to achieve a cosmopolitan edge, here's your inspiration. The delicate yellow gold details and softly rounded sconces (not to mention thoseВ floor tiles) really soften itВ up perfectly.В

Native Trails Trough Stone Bathroom Sink $919Shop

A cement or dark gray stone sink is the best way to make your home feel like a hipВ loft.В

Tasteful Minimalism

Tessa Neustadt

If you want a bathroom that feels elevated and chic (but alsoВ feels like it belongs in an actual home), take notes from this elevated beauty. That wood finish on the vanity is perfectly smooth, and the shadeВ gives it a hint of formality. The white vessel sink really highlights the cozy elements, just like the white linens. Speaking of highlights, we want that golden pendant light.

Kingston Brass White Vessel Sink $146Shop

The shape of this piece is what gives it aВ unique quality that won't overpower a space with innovation.В

High-Impact Gloss

Brittany Ambridge

If you're someone who likes to wear all black and resonates with Posh Spice, allow us to introduce you to the bathroom of your dreams. Nothing says timeless and chic like a sleek countertop, brass hardware, and shiny blackout tiles. The simple wood faГ§adeВ of this vanity balancesВ out the room, making it truly unique.В

Hazelwood Home Vanity Top $567Shop

Never say never, but with one exception: this drop-in sinkВ with aВ black marble surface. It'll never go out of style.

Island Neutrals

Douglas Friedman/Trunk Archive

Talk about aВ master suite. If we could jumpВ through the screen right now, we'd happily take a nice long soak in this bathroom. It's like being on a permanent holiday. Who wouldn't want these calm, neutral vibes at home?В

ECOSINKS Copper Drop-In Sinks $118Shop

Is there ever a time that doesn't call for pounded copper? Nope! It's alwaysВ a good option when you're trying to give yourВ bathroom some oomph.В

Classic Glam

Amy Bartlam

Here's aВ clever and approachable take on the aspirational glamor of traditional design. This bathroom makes a strongВ case for mixing unexpected combinations fusing classic looks with a modern twist. We love the way this shiny black sink protrudes from the traditional wood dresser, accessorized with gold dГ©cor and timeless candles.В

Kingston Brass Vitreous Black Rectangular Sink $127Shop

This piece may seem simple at first glance, but in the right space, its angular and lacquered touches will add that wow factor you're looking for.В