This Is Exactly Why Healing Your Gut Can "Change Your Life" for the Better

This Is Exactly Why Healing Your Gut Can "Change Your Life" for the Better

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It's no secret that the health and wellness world is preoccupied with gut health. From the foods that both prevent and cause gut inflammation to the lifestyle habits that can impact your microbiome, health-conscious consumers are interested in tackling gut health from all angles. So why is gut health so important, and how can looking after your so-called "gut garden" positively impact your life? Health writer, gut health expert, and Hyperbiotics founder Jamie Morea addresses these two questions (and more) in a new post over on MindBodyGreen. Morea suffered from a gut parasite known as Entamoeba histolytica and has since become "empowered with the knowledge of the role of the microbiome in regard to our overall health and well-being," she explains over on her website. In her own words, read up on how healing your gut can change your life for the better.

It Helps You Find (and Maintain) Your Ideal Weight

"Not being at your ideal weight (which is different for each and every person) can affect your energy levels, your mood, your hormones, your cognitive function, and even your immunity," writes Morea. "Your friendly flora support your metabolism and a healthy weight by producing enzymes that help you digest food and absorb nutrients (so you don't overeat and aren't malnourished), regulating your blood sugar levels so you aren't constantly searching for that next sugar fix, and increasing the hormones that tell your brain when you're full."

It Improves Your Mood and Well-Being

Morea regards a balanced mood as "one of the most important (and probably overlooked) benefits of a healthy microbiome," she writes. "Because your gut and brain are inextricably linked, a disruption in either one has the capacity to seriously affect the other." She explains that "your gut bacteria produce more than 90% of all the serotonin in your body" and that gut-healthy probiotics "lower cortisol levels, quell anxiety, decrease depression, and even lower levels of inflammation that seem to be at the root of most emotional and physical health challenges."

It'll Give You a Glowing Complexion

"When your gut is able to both absorb nutrients-thanks to your friendly bacteria-and get rid of toxins and chemicals, your whole body is better for it, and your skin is no exception," she writes. "On the other hand, when you're lacking the numbers of good microbes in your gut that you need to effectively keep your digestion moving along, one of the first places issues will materialize is on your skin."

Head over to MindBodyGreen to read the rest of Morea's list, and next, read up on what a nutritionist eats every day.