Ghosted? Here's How to Deal

Ghosted? Here's How to Deal

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Dating isn't always easy, and when you actually meet someone you're interested in, it can be especially painful, disheartening, and annoying when this person suddenly disappears. And whether he or she did a slow fade away or completely stopped communicating with you all at once, having a person you like suddenly ice you out can feel incredibly cold. You can't help but wonder what caused them to ghost you, and it's not uncommon to replay every conversation, reread eachВ romanticВ text, and mull over every interaction that you had together in search of clues of where things went wrong. However, rather than taking on the role of a dating detective, there are five key ways to deal with being ghosted so that you're no longer haunted by his or her disappearance.В

1. Accept the Reality

Unfortunately, in today's dating world, ghosting has become a common way to let someone know that you're no longer interested. Rather than having an uncomfortable face-to-face conversation, phone call,В or even a text expressing that he or she isn't interested in pursuing anything further, ghosting someone allows a person to end things in an easy way and avoid any awkwardness. And while you may take getting ghosted as something that only happens to you, the harsh truth is that getting ghosting is something that's become a universal way to blow someone off and bow out.

2. Don't Take It Personally

If you got ghosted, it's important to remember that it's truly a reflection of the other person and not you. And while you may take it personally and think that there must be something wrong with you because he or she went silent, this truly isn't the case. The fact is that getting ghosted provides you with no clear explanation as to why he or she disappeared, so rather than going into self-loathing mode and blaming yourself, you should instead recognize all of the unknowns around the ghosting. There could be numerous reasons as to why he or she ghosted you, such as this person reunited with an ex, has an extreme workload that leaves no time for dating, is dealing with family issues, or is a serial dater who's not looking for anything serious. Since you truly don't know what happened, the last person to blame is yourself.

3. Take the High Road

If you were ghosted, it can be highly appealing to send a scathing text, leave a nasty phone message, or even plan a run-in with this person to let out your anger, heartache, and frustration. However, rather than dealing with the act of ghosting in an equally immature way, you should opt to take the high road and move on. Yes, it's challenging when you really liked this person, but you should set higher standards for yourself and not go to his or her level. While you can certainly vent to your friends and family, you should do your best to view the situation in a more positive light, as you no longer have to waste your time pursuing someone who could so easily treat others disrespectfully.В

4. Get Back Out There

While it can be hard to reenter the dating world after getting ghosted, this experience will actually make you a smarter dater and stronger person. While you may worry that someone else will suddenly disappear on you, it's important to view each new potential love interest with a clean slate and not bring this kind of doubt into your next dating situation. If your end goal is to find a deep and meaningful relationship with someone, you can't let the possibility of getting ghosted prevent you from putting yourself out there again.В

5. Think Twice About Ghosting Someone Yourself

Lastly, since getting ghosted isn't pleasant, you should keep this in mind going forward. If you've been guilty of ghosting someone, which many people have, it's worth thinking twice about your own experiences before you proceed with completely cutting someone off without warning. Rather than ending communication cold turkey, don'tВ be a chicken. You should actually have an uncomfortable conversation out of respect. Acting in a mature way when letting this person know that you're no longer interested in hanging out is a far better approach than becoming a ghost.В