Que Linda: 10 Spanish Baby Names We've Completely Fallen For

Que Linda: 10 Spanish Baby Names We've Completely Fallen For

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Stephanie Rausser /Trunk Archive

Do you ever hear adorable children's namesВ that you secretly save in preparation for the day when you have a little one (even if it is a long time away)? Well, when it comes to unique monikers, we seem to be gravitating toward Spanish baby names at the moment. And why is that? The short and sweet titles have a lyrical quality about them and are both darling and feisty (many parents' dream). Since Spanish is one of our favorite romance languages, it's no surprise that we've fallen for these names. Below, see our top picks for Spanish baby names, and get inspired.


This sweet monikerВ comes from a Spanish word meaningВ "sunrise." It's gotten much more popular over the years, perhaps because it's the last name of The Honest Company founder Jessica AlbaВ (it's currently one of the top 10 baby girl names in Spain).В


We've loved this name ever since we first laid eyes on Ryan Gosling's character in The Notebook, soВ it's pretty much a given that we like this version for girls. The title meansВ "movement, motion" in Hebrew. It's actually a newcomer to the top 100 names for Spanish baby girls, having been popular in Israel for at least a decade.В


This gorgeous name, pronounced val-en-TEE-na,В is rooted in Latin-it's the feminine version of Valentine-and itВ translates toВ "strong and healthy." You also might recognize it as the name of actress Salma Hayek's daughter (it's since increased in popularity since her birth).В


This celebrity baby favorite is pronouncedВ loo-CHEE-Й™В and is beloved by both Mira Sorvino and Mel Gibson, who both gave the name to their daughters. It's actually the feminine version of Lucius, which comes from the Latin word "lux"В meaningВ "light." The name became popular because of St. Lucia of Syracuse, a martyr from the Middle Ages, and it was actually the most popularВ Spanish baby name for girls in 2016.В


This Spanish baby name hit number twoВ on the list of the most popular names for girls in Spain last year. It's the feminine version of Martin, derivedВ fromВ the Latin name MartД«nus (from the name Mars, the Roman god of war). The title received a boost in popularity with the rise of tennis player Martina Navratilova.В


Pronounced,В HYOO-goh, this baby name for boys was the most popularВ in Spain last year (it's also topping the charts in France and Sweden and has been a favorite in England for a long time). The title is the Latin form of "Hugh" and is popular in history, particularly because it's the last name of writer Victor Hugo of Les Miserables fame. (PS: It's also the name Ron and Hermione gave their son in J.K. Rowling's last novel in the Harry Potter series).


This name was in the top 10 for boysВ in Spain last year. To make it even chicer, pronounce it without an "s" at the end. The Spanish baby name (similar to Lucia above) is derived from an Ecclesiastic Late Latin name coming from the would "lux," meaningВ "light."


This title, Latin for "man of Adria," just recently caught on in Spain, and it ranked in the top 10 for boys names last year (although its feminine form, Adrienne, has been popular for longer). It was the moniker of a few saints and a Pope, and more recently, actors Adrian Pucey and Adrian Grenier.В


This cute name is making waves in Spain and in the States. It's the name of actress Jaime King's son (his godmother is none other than Taylor Swift). The name meansВ "lion" in Latin, making it a pretty sweet deal for any little boy.В


While relatively new in the U.S., it's been popular in Spain for around two decades. In parts of the country, it's actually pronounced like "Ethan" (after all, it is the Basque variation on the name meaning "gift").В

What are some of your favorite baby names? Share with us in the comments.

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